What do you get when you vilify Planned Parenthood unnecessarily? Bombs.

Because potential babies matter more than living women?

So, someone bombed a Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin. Now that I think about it, is there a political party or political movement who have targeted Planned Parenthood for defunding and lies over the last year or so? Oh, that’s right. The Republican Party and conservatives. They’ve gone from lying about Planned Parenthood (Jon Kyl’s infamous statement which was “not meant to be a factual statement”) to saying that they’ll outright get rid of it (Mitt Romney’s pledge) to defunding it in a political standoff with the President (here’s messin’ with you, Texas) to pressuring the Komen foundation to stop all funding to Planned Parenthood (because Planned Parenthood and their breast exams and healthcare for poor women is evil).

So, one party has targeted Planned Parenthood, whose existence is to help women take control of their own bodies, and Planned Parenthood gets bombed.

You can disagree with abortion all you want. You can call it evil, immoral, unethical, whatever. But, you need to realize other people disagree with you, and you need to realize that bombs aren’t the answer to disagreements. I can’t believe I even have to write that down. It’s the tactic of cowards. It’s the tactic of terrorists. And if you use a bomb like this, you’re no better than the fanatical Muslims who aim to destroy this country. You’re scum, and you’re an enemy of America.

And if you’re on the Republican or conservative side, you have to make sure you don’t vilify and target an organization to the point where this kind of thing happens. Republicans and conservatives especially, because they have created an absolutely disgusting and poisonous atmosphere for this organization and the MILLIONS of American women it serves, MUST come out and denounce this in no uncertain terms. No equivocating. And if you don’t, you’re as much of a coward as the person (or people) who did this.


7 Comments to “What do you get when you vilify Planned Parenthood unnecessarily? Bombs.”

  1. Funny, a whole bunch of people felt differently in the lead up the Civil War. They felt that Blacks were persons and were quite happy to kill 600,000 or so people in order in order to put an end to that and those which claimed they were less than that and who felt that they could be, among other things, killed on a whim.

    • So, you’re arguing for a Civil War over abortion? Is that a real thing? You’re so “pro-life” that you’re willing to kill 600,000 people over it? This is insane.

    • No, not really. I was just pointing out that, if we are to judge by history, people don’t have to realize other people disagree with them, and they don’t need to realize that bombs aren’t the answer to disagreements when those disagreements are over evil, immoral, and/or unethical matters of great importance.

      Think about it. Do you vilify the North for going to war to end slavery? I’m betting that you don’t and, if you lay blame at all for those 600,000 dead, you lay it at the feet of those who wanted to continue an economically beneficial by morally bankrupt practice.

      BTW, on a related note, why do you not assign some portion of the blame to Planned Parenthood for not separating their abortion practice from their health services, both financially and physically, when their doing so would negate any negative repercussion on those health services that their abortion practice might cause?

      • I’m not going to blame Planned Parenthood for two reasons. 1. They’re doing nothing that is illegal. 2. They are the victim. I’d rather not be in the business of blaming victims. And yes, bombs are not the answer to the abortion debate. If you really think it’s moral to bomb abortion facilities, then like I said, you are a terrorist. It can’t be made any more simple than that.

        And if you think the North went to war to end slavery, you’re misinterpreting history. The North didn’t invade the South over slavery: they invaded because the South seceded from the union. It’s not as simple as you make it.

      • And as a friend just reminded me, the South did attack first at Fort Sumter. So, the North was attacked by a “nation” which had just seceded and broken the country, and the North “went to war to end slavery”? That’s as asinine as it is ahistorical.

      • That the war was over slavery is the very common modern misconception, so I went with it. Although 600K dead to maintain DC’s power and not to have a competing nation in the westward expansion would have made a stronger argument.

        But that is of no matter. I am, after all, just a terrorist – though I have never taken any violent action against Planned Parenthood.

        Of course that logic makes you a Baby-Killer. Just as that would be the logic used to justify the civilian casualties and property damage done by Gen. Sherman during the civil war; those civilians were “rebels.”

        Terrorist. Baby-Killer. Both labels attached to those who we each have no qualms about killing. Sort of leaves out the moral high-ground doesn’t it?

      • I have no qualms about a woman controlling what does and what does not grow inside of her body. You have no qualms about killing grown human beings with consciousnesses and families and friends because they have different opinions about when a human life begins.

        I’ll take my position on the moral high ground.

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