Torii Hunter treated like a criminal for owning a house with an alarm.

Torii Hunter was in the house he bought in Newport Coast, CA. From what I can see about the town on google maps, it’s a really nice area right by the water outside of Anaheim, CA. Hunter plays baseball for the Anaheim Angels, so Newport Coast is about a half hour from his job. Last night, while Hunter was home, the security alarm went off in his house. Twenty minutes later when police arrived, Hunter left his house to speak to the officers and let them know everything was okay. The police drew their weapons, demanded ID, and refused to believe that Hunter actually lived in that neighborhood.

I’m sure this is the standard way for police to treat homeowners as they leave their house. Especially when the homeowner looks like this:

He looks so menacing with that bat. He must be wielding it as a weapon.


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