Michelle Malkin’s “Twitchy” page is an insult to the political intelligence of this country. Malkin is a bottom feeding, sycophantic, intellectually dishonest “reporter” who created a website which features only the most insane tweets from anonymous idiots on Twitter who dare to say mean things about conservatives. She then offers this up as proof that “the left” is hateful.

Yeah. She uses Twitter posts from anonymous people and tries to pass that off as a legitimate talking point against people like me. Like I’m the same as some nameless 15 year old who said something mean about Sarah Palin.

Go over the Fox Nation or The Blaze and check out those comment sections if you’d like to see some hate. It’s despicable. But, I know they’re just random internet commenters. They say awful things under a mask of anonymity. It would be stupid of me to create a website and catalogue those comments because no one of any intelligence would consider it a true representation of “the right.” They’re the extreme, unhinged right. Just like the random idiots on Twitter do not represent the left. Any thinking person knows this.

Except Malkin. She’s not stupid, though; she’s dishonest. Her site completely ignores ANY of the racist, vile, disgusting things that conservatives say. Why? Because she’s not interested in being honest or fair. She’s interested in lying in order cater to her base of unhinged conservatives who want “proof” that “liberals” and “the left” are terrible people. She lies to create profit. She is the worst kind of offender in today’s political media: dishonest and manipulative while being bombastically and egotistically proud of it.


3 Responses to “Twitchy.”

  1. Just ran into your blog and have been poking around – some interesting stuff here! I do like this post in particular as I stumbled upon her website just yesterday.

    I only say this since you seem very intelligent and likely to hold yourself to a high standard – there is a blatant contradiction in the last paragraph that leaves the reader unclear as to the point you’re trying to make about Michelle’s character. In the first sentence, you make a point to say she’s not stupid, but flagrantly dishonest. In the last sentence, however, you say she is stupid AND dishonest! Hate to seemingly quibble, but I think deciding between the two is actually an important distinction.

    • You’re absolutely right. I overlooked that. I think when I originally wrote this, I wrote that last line about Malkin being stupid and dishonest, and then I had a kind of realization: she’s not stupid. She knows exactly what she’s doing. So, when I realized how sick that is, I went and tried to make that—her dishonesty in search of profit—the point of the paragraph.

      When I proofread later, I guess calling Malkin stupid just didn’t stand out to me as being all that untrue. It was sloppy. Thank you sincerely for the comment, and thanks for reading. I’m glad you liked some of it.


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