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The real lessons to be learned from the bombing in Boston.

Some thoughts on bombs.

  1. Bombs don’t kill people. People kill people.
  2. Just think, if any of the runners were carrying bombs, they could have stopped this by defending themselves and others. With their bombs.
  3. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a bomb is a good guy with a bomb.
  4. No one who’s buying a bomb should be forced to undergo a background check.
  5. Limiting the size of bombs will not make anyone safer. You can just set off some more small ones!
  6. Now is not the time to be talking about putting restrictions on the kinds of bombs people can buy.
  7. The government is buying a lot of bombs, so why can’t we?
  8. Oh look. Now Obama’s going to go around and try to take everybody’s bombs away.
  9. These guys really make us responsible bomb owners look bad.
  10. Hollywood and video games are responsible for glorifying bomb violence.
  11. Just remember: bombs in public places which dismember the bodies of eight year old children are all part of God’s plan.

Four year old child laying down some beats, improvising like a BOSS.

Absolutely love the change in octaves, change in pace, change in delivery. Just awesome.

Via Skrillex on Facebook.

Update: The video was removed by its uploader, and that’s a god damn shame. But, on the internet, nothing ever disappears. I’ll leave the original link just because. Here’s a new one.


Google’s “augmented reality” glasses look amazing (in idea form, at least).

Here’s the video Google released for its new project:

Excuse me for over-reacting and being excited.

And here’s a longer write-up from

Now, obviously I’m aware that whatever the end product is going to be, it’s not going to be this fluid, this fast, or this easy to navigate. At least, the first few iterations of it won’t be. But, it’s this kind of forward thinking technology is one of the only things I can really get excited about. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted Terminator vision. Or Predator vision.* This is step one to that process. It’s the next step in transhumanism, and all of the potential negative side effects imagined and unimagined at this moment cannot put a damper on how incredible it is for me to even think I will see this in my lifetime, let alone in just a few years (Ha!).

The future of humanity is directly tied to our technological progress. If we’re once again plunged into the dark ages, it will be because we could not control it. I we find ourselves walking on other planets in other solar systems, it’s because we have mastered it.


*Now that I think about that, how great would a Predator vs. Terminator series be? In principle, I mean, of course. If anyone ever wrote that it would be terrible. I haven’t heard much speculation in this area (though I’m SURE a simple google search would return thousands of discussions on it), and I think it’s because Schwarzenegger was in both films. It would be a weird universe to step into because we’ve already seen Arnold vs. Predator. But in the abstract, I’d love to see it, and I’m taking the Predator.

As William Gibson observed today on Twitter, it would be disappointing if they looked like normal glasses, right?



And of course, as a wet blanket, here’s what it’s probably REALLY going to look like.

Damn ads.