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Tucker Max tried to donate $500,000 to Planned Parenthood, is an ass.

Planned Parenthood refused to accept the donation, as they should have. The only reason he would try to do this is to get his name in the media and cause a stir. If PP accepted the money, the right wing media would have had a hyper-conniption freak out. Since they did not accept the money, Max gets to play some kind of weird victim card and (along with the same right wing media who would have crushed PP had they accepted it) accuse PP of not wanting to accept the money to help women. For Max, he gets the publicity either way, and in this case, he didn’t have to spend a dime.

Really, this is a simple choice for Planned Parenthood. If they accept it, everyone in any political circle would have had issues with it. The left would be uncomfortable, the moderates would find it unseemly, and the right would go into full assault, poison the well mode. It’s not even an option.

I’ve never read Max’s books, but I’ve heard three or four interviews of him telling outlandish stories which demean and sexually objectify women. You can go find them on your own if you wish. Max has his fans, and even has his female fans, but he’s politically toxic. No one in politics wants to be associated with him in any way. Not even if he offers to give them $500,000. And that’s because he’s scum.


What do you get when you vilify Planned Parenthood unnecessarily? Bombs.

Because potential babies matter more than living women?

So, someone bombed a Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin. Now that I think about it, is there a political party or political movement who have targeted Planned Parenthood for defunding and lies over the last year or so? Oh, that’s right. The Republican Party and conservatives. They’ve gone from lying about Planned Parenthood (Jon Kyl’s infamous statement which was “not meant to be a factual statement”) to saying that they’ll outright get rid of it (Mitt Romney’s pledge) to defunding it in a political standoff with the President (here’s messin’ with you, Texas) to pressuring the Komen foundation to stop all funding to Planned Parenthood (because Planned Parenthood and their breast exams and healthcare for poor women is evil).

So, one party has targeted Planned Parenthood, whose existence is to help women take control of their own bodies, and Planned Parenthood gets bombed.

You can disagree with abortion all you want. You can call it evil, immoral, unethical, whatever. But, you need to realize other people disagree with you, and you need to realize that bombs aren’t the answer to disagreements. I can’t believe I even have to write that down. It’s the tactic of cowards. It’s the tactic of terrorists. And if you use a bomb like this, you’re no better than the fanatical Muslims who aim to destroy this country. You’re scum, and you’re an enemy of America.

And if you’re on the Republican or conservative side, you have to make sure you don’t vilify and target an organization to the point where this kind of thing happens. Republicans and conservatives especially, because they have created an absolutely disgusting and poisonous atmosphere for this organization and the MILLIONS of American women it serves, MUST come out and denounce this in no uncertain terms. No equivocating. And if you don’t, you’re as much of a coward as the person (or people) who did this.